Monday, August 20, 2012

Normally don't blog about politics...

Normally don't blog about politics, but sometimes I am jolted into harsh reality about the craziness that exist in the world. I was deeply horrified when I heard that Todd Akin, suggested that 'legitimate rape' rarely resulted in pregnancy because “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,”. 'Shut that whole thing down????' for heaven's sake... I refrain to call the guy Senate candidate Rep. How can such an uneducated guy qualify to be Senate Candidate representative? I am assuming that he did not attend any biology classes in school where the fundamental learning is - if you put sperm near an egg - women can get pregnant! Now if the guy does not believe in abortion then he should just say that instead of making such atrocious statements.

As a counter statement to what Todd Akin said, President Obama made the following statement
‎"We shouldn't have a bunch of politicians, a majority of whom are men, making health care decisions on behalf of women." I am glad that he made this statement, but on the other hand I can't still believe that these statements are being made in this century that we live in!! And it's not like these statements are being made in any of the developing countries but in one of the supposedly most advanced nations in the world! What a shame!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Masking reality

A compliment or a comment from a sweet friend yesterday prompted me to start thinking about this. On social media sites like Facebook it is so easy to wear a mask and hide the real you. I regularly use Facebook to share happy moments from my life with a network of friends and family. Some of these friends I know for many years, went to school with together but some are also friends whom I occasionaly meet when there is a social gathering for example. Some are also colleagues from work and of course relatives and family scattered in different parts of the globe.

I don't bother posting pics of myself when I am ill, tired from a hard long day at work, feel completely drained or when I reprimand the kids when they sometimes morph themselves into little devils. But then, why would I?  I don't think anybody wants to be bored about these real aspects of somebody's life right. After all social media sites give you a chance to go into a world where you can have some fun, look at vacation pics of your friends, find out who partied with whom and of course 'like' status updates like 'Just finished flossing my teeth and they feel squeaky clean'.

I personally think it provides a medium for comic relief from daily life and also helps me enjoy my daily morning cup of tea so much more, browsing through recent updates from friends. Also I think I need to be on top of all of this now cos soon I think my children will be using these channels as well to collaborate with their friends. I want them to accept my friend request and make sure that I am their best friend also in the virtual world :-) Ah, ha hidden agenda too..

So three cheers to virtual collaboration, lets embrace it, enjoy it and also thank God that we don't need to worry about bad hair days anymore :-))