Sunday, October 10, 2010

Historical Nuremberg

Nuremberg is a city with so much of history some good and some not. My work took me  to this beautiful city and I took the chance to soak in some of the local sights when I was there. 

The beautiful St. Lorenz church stood majestically in the old city center. The church dates back to the thirteen hundreds and of course it had been renovated after all the damage from all the wars including the second world war.

It was also the time of the year when the yearly Autumn market and the old town fair were happening in parallel.

It was a perfect occasion to sample the original Nürnberger Rostbratwurst (Nuremberg sausage) a small thin bratwurst from this city. Fresh majoram and ground caraway seeds give this sausage a very special taste indeed.

Unfortunately I had very little time on my hands but definitely need to go back there and explore this beautiful city in all its entirety.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Feldbahn museum

Last Saturday the Feldbahn Museum in Wiesloch had opened their doors to little children and also their parents. The Feldbahn is a locomotive that was used during the first world war, mainly used to transport agricultural and industrial goods.

 All of us got to actually take a ride in one of these trench railways. There was also a guided tour for the little ones taking them into a nearby mine and how the the Feldbahn or the trench railways were used to transport the materials from these mines.

The kids were particularly fascinated to understand how a carbide lamp which was very popular in those times really worked and how it was used for mining purposes.

The children got to take an additional ride on the Feldbahn after the guided tour.

The team from the museum also had a nice bonfire going and it was nice to warm yourself at the end of the tour.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bidding summer adieu

We were in the Swiss Alps for an extended weekend in mid September. We spent our days mainly walking through the small beautiful villages inhaling fresh Alpine oxygen, enjoying the amazing beauty of the place and also as always trying out all the local specialities of the place. More about this in another post.

 Our treks took us to the beautiful Alpine village of Bönigen and we were lucky to be part of a yearly local tradition. As autumn slowly sets in in the moutains, the farmers bring their cows down from the mountains to lower lands where it a lot warmer.

The cows and other cattle are all beautifully decorated and there is a procession through the entire village which ends in a large open meadow.
 Here the cows can freezly graze when the rest of the village celebrates with Alphorn music, sale of locally produced cheese and food.

 We were indeed lucky that we got to experience this whole event of bidding a warm adieu to summer.