Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where did the year go?

My little rabbit is an year old!!! Cant really believe it!! Wow it just seems like yesterday when that nice tender warm bundle of life was thrust into my arms. I still remember that look in those beautiful big eyes looking up and saying 'Hi Mama, its me :-)'. Now that bundle makes sure that we are on our toes at all times, making all her demands loud and clear and making sure that her older sister really learns to share all her toys!! A friend mentioned today that children teach parents so many new things in life and I believe this is so true.

Was fun today to meet most of our friends who could celebrate little rabbit's first birthday along with us.
The weather was perfect, the birthday cake was yummy, the kids had a blast and the food was as always at Wimmers really good.
Was back at home almost close to midnight and would have expected to crash into bed but here I am wondering where the last year flew by so quickly.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Analysis and Analysts

Was away at my company's corporate event in the beginnng of this week. It is definitley one aspect of my work which I like a lot because it gives me an opportunity to meet with people who actually work with what I work on. I talked to couple of analysts as well and this got me wondering as always. Analysing and predicting something based on analysis is definitely a huge value add for any industry. But today in all areas of life what you hear is mainly post analysis and extensive reports based on post analysis. The world financial crisis, the EU crisis, corporate mergers and acquisitions etc etc. are always analysed post happening and dissected and views and ideas are shared on why certain events happened and not why certain events will happen. CNBC as a television channel with a bunch of extremely smart analysts and newscast thrives on postmortem analysis of all the reasons why we are in the financial crisis that we are in today. Wish moving forward we could preemt more of these. Could apply this thinking to all aspects of life as well actually...hmmm...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

BBQs and more

This week seems to be rainy and cold, but the last weeks of April was really T-shirt and shorts weather. Remember the lovely Sunday (Apr 25) spent with friends on the bank of the Neckar. The place is called the Neckarwiese a nice green area on the banks of the river Neckar. Perfect place to go for a picnic, there is a separate to grill your food which is what we all did, soak up the sun and also the lovely city and all the diverse people who come there from different parts of the world. But looks like everybody had similar plans like us! A lovely day indeed and looking for the sun to come out with all its power.