Friday, January 29, 2010

10 reasons on why I want my iPad

It was fun to watch Apple's CEO Steve Jobs unviel the iPad. I was literally drooling at the technology that possibly went behind making that wondrous machine. I know I could put this machine into a lot of use at home.
To list a few:

1) Decide which book I feel like reading after having tucked myself into bed
2) Browse the web in a supine position lying down on the couch
3) Walk around with a superior laptop without having to flex my biceps
4) Decide at the spur of the moment which picture I would like to use in my blog
5) Launch Disney comics in its highest resolution as my last resort to cajole my daughter into taking that last few spoons of her dinner
6) Decide depending on how I feel whether I want to see images vertically or horizontally - (basically try to prove to hubby dear why the obviously pretty model actually has a very masculine jawline)
7) Amuse my 8 month old by randomly moving images across the screen with some background sound effects
8) Coyly use it as a dynamically changing photo stand in the living room displaying pictures of some of the nicest beaches in Miami (target being to convince hubby on taking that much needed vacation on some sandy white beaches ;-))
9) Be that friendly neighbourhood geek who downloads the iPad dev studio and build my own personalized app
10) Make my own personal green statement

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The house that stands at the forest's edge

The winter viruses had payed us a visit in the last weeks. Glad they decided to leave without causing a lot of trouble. Little bunny has been very busy at her kindergarten rehearsing and practising a lovely play.
I have been working hard and attending weekend classes brushing up my German skills for an upcoming exam in March. What I want to say is that we have been crazy busy and the whole holiday season seems to be something of a distant past.
Anyway coming back to little bunny it was amazing to see the lovely winter's play that she was part of along with her group.
She was a little bear and the play was right out of one of the books she got as a gift for Christmas.
A lovely book and now reading it is all the more fun especially the part where the bears comes in is the part where there is super excitement. A lovely winters tale indeed all taking place in a house that stands at the forest's edge.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nature and its ways

The scenes from Haiti splashed on the television was heartbreaking. It was really terrible to see children with that look of emptiness on their faces. Men and women who had lost everything that they had lived for in a matter of few minutes. Those images really showed me again that nature has it's own strange ways where everything could just change from one moment to another. Makes you more grounded and realistic just thinking about that fact. I watched little bunny playing in the snow and enjoyed it and was so much thankful for the little things that you sometimes take for granted!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Post vacation blues

Really wish vacations lasted for ever. The week spent in the Czech Republic was gone in no time. Guess that's what happens when everyday is packed with different activities. Now it is back to the grind but everytime I sit down I think about the last week. Missing the snow capped mountains, missing the long walks in the Sumava National Park, miss the yummy hot gulasch soup, miss making snow cakes with little bunny and missing the huge spread for breakfast and dinner. Need to definitely go back there soon!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Skiing in Železná Ruda

On vacation in the beautiful region of Zelezna Ruda in the Czech Republic. It is white all around me. Yeah the place is surrounded by snow capped mountains and fir trees whose branches are drooping low heavy with snow. Its plain beautiful! Today was a big day for little bunny and me. We received our first ski classes for the week.
The instructor said that bunny was the coolest three year old he had met.
She was scared but at the same time paid careful attention to what her teacher explained. She definitely will be good at it if she gets more practice. I fell couple of times but all bones are intact for today.
My ski instructor told me that I definitely need to build some leg muscle :-)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

Wow I am sitting here and thinking another year gone by and bang 2010 is here. 2009 was a great year and hoping that this year also holds a lot of promise. It was a lot of fun ushering in the new year partying with friends. Little bunny made sure that everybody danced without taking long breaks. Everybody enjoyed designing their own raclette servings whenever they got hungry. S baked one of the most awesome cakes that I have ever tasted. It was layered with crushed walnuts, apple gelee and calvados. The best part was lighting and watching some spectacular fireworks along with the entire neighbourhood.
The trunk of the car served the purpose of a temporary stand for the fireworks as they were being lit.